Begin to Embrace a World of Endless Opportunities
by Going to College!

College is waiting for Virgin Islands students

Ivoree Friday
St. Croix
UVI 2011

Annia Degourville
St. Croix
UVI 2011

Edysmarie Felix
St. Croix
UVI 2010
College for Virgin Islands Students
Kevin Dixon
St. Croix
UVI 2009

Ever thought of going abroad to a foreign country to gain experience in a field of interest or maybe you’ve thought about joining a fraternity or sorority after watching “Stomp the Yard,” well here is your chance to do just that and much more.

Whether you’ve graduated from high school, are still in high school or received your GED you have accomplished so much already. But your graduation is not the end but the beginning of a world of endless opportunities found in College.

Though similar to your previous education, college takes it step further by educating you in your specific field of choice. In college you get a chance to take classes that you have an interest in while broadening your horizons with new experiences here in the Virgin Islands, the US and even abroad.

College is the beginning of a new experience that will result in new friends and mentors, that will help you along the way. You’ve made it, but guess what; the best is yet to come!

Whether you have dreams of becoming the next hottest producer, director or even Governor of the Virgin Islands, the College Access Challenge Grant Program is here to help make your dreams come true.

This is your time now, to explore the world and all it has to offer while finding yourself in the process. So what do you have to lose? That’s right nothing!

College is waiting for you! So why not be the first in your family to receive a degree, get an experience of a lifetime, explore the world and all it has to offer, and invest in a future where you are guaranteed a world of endless opportunities! Going to college is the opportunity of a lifetime; your ticket to the world, so don’t cut your self short.



for more money
College grads earn almost 2x as much as high school grads. They’re doing the kind of work that’s in demand, and being rewarded for it. There’s nothing wrong with having more money to travel, raise a family, drive a new (or newer) car is there? We didn’t think so.


for more opportunities
With a college education you gain more than earning potential. You gain a degree that employers are looking for in a very competitive job market. You acquire the knowledge; skills and discipline that will help you accomplish big things for the rest of your life while providing you with a multitude of options.


to expand your world
You think bigger in college. You’ll gain insight into other people who live, work and play in your community and other islands and in other countries. You’ll learn what you share in common, while learning more about yourself.


for your own identity
In college, you’ll have lots of chances to push the limits of what you think you can do. You’ll gain the confidence to make the most of your talents and to discover new talents you never knew you had.


for a better future
The day you decide, your own future is closer than you think. You will begin to prepare for a tomorrow you can look forward to.


The importance of a college education and the impact it has on ones future is becoming more evident. Many jobs today are requiring its employees to have a college degree. Hence, more students are taking that big leap and attending college. Going to college will expose you to many different fields and opportunities that are not offered in high school. Furthermore, while in college you gain skills not only in your career of choice but also interpersonal skills which is an asset to any organization.

Although college can be expensive there many funds that are available for students just like you, and the College Access Challenge Grant Program is here to help! The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) offers students the opportunity to attend college by providing funding assistance in loans, grants and scholarships. Students can also receive funding from local community organizations that provide scholarships which help to fund your education while in college.

Going to College will be one of the most important and best investments you will make. Whether you have just completed high school or you’ve been out of school for years there is a place for you in college. It’s up to you though to find out where you fit in.

Many find that while in college they discover their mission in life. In college you will have endless opportunities made available to you that will influence your growth. Whether you have a learning disability or a physical handicap there is a school for you that will support you throughout your time in college.

Still not convinced, that college may be for you? Well, here are just some of the few opportunities that you will embark on in college.

Clubs & Organizations

(French Club, Sorority, Fraternity, Student Government Association, School Newspaper, Intramural Sports, etc.)
Do you have an interest in politics, theater, linguistics, or even interested in writing for your school newspaper? Well, college has a variety of clubs and organizations that cater to your interests while exposing you to real life experiences that will benefit your future career. College has a variety of clubs that include, Fashion Club, Caribbean Student Association, Muslim Association, Fraternities, Sororities, Yearbook Club, Drama Club, Communications Club, and much more.

Study Abroad

(Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and the wider Caribbean)
In college you will gain a newfound sense of freedom to explore the world, and pursue your dreams so why not take the opportunity to learn a new language, gain a new perspective and outlook on the world, while making a difference in some ones life, by studying abroad. This is your opportunity to immerse in a new language, new foods and a new way of life. By taken part in a study abroad program for a semester or summer you are able to gain experiences along with memories and relationships to last a lifetime. Imagine your classroom being in the jungles of the Republic of Congo or maybe your class being right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? Sounds nice right? Well you can experience this and so much more by studying abroad where you learn to better understand people of different cultures, and acquire skills sets that set you apart from your peers.

Extensive Training

In college you gain training from classroom lectures, internships, co-ops and service learning opportunities which equip you with the skills that are in demand in today’s job market. Many employers seek employees with strong written and communications skills, as well as critical thinking, leadership, problem solving and analytical skills which you gain in college.


In college you take courses that are preparing you for your career of choice, but what better way to be prepare than getting hands on experience working alongside an engineer, a nurse, or even a music producer. Internships provide college students with the opportunity to link theory with real life experiences as well as gain skills that cannot be taught within a classroom setting. Internships can help you to determine whether or not you are interested in a particular field. Many students are given the opportunity to intern at an organization which can result in a possible hire after completion of their undergraduate degree.

Still not convinced, well check out our Success Stories page and maybe that will change your mind about attending!


So you’ve decided to go to college or you’re thinking about it, great! But now you’re thinking, “Where do I begin?” Well, this website will be a great start for you to begin preparing and planning for college.

You should first begin by drafting a career plan, and then based on your career plan you should draft a college plan. Before you begin drafting your career plan if you’re not sure which area you would like to work in it would be beneficial to complete a career assessment test. If you’re not sure what you’re interested in, taking a career assessment test will help to give you an idea of what you’re interests are. Using this assessment you will be able to determine your skills, interest, values, and even outlook on the world. The purpose of a career assessment test is to serve as a self evaluation that will help you to determine your career goal. Below you will find a link to two free career assessments, which are simple and take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Princeton Review

  (Career Quiz)

College Board

  (ID Me)

After completing this assessment base on your results you can use this as a possible career goal. If you’re still unsure after taking this test you will find that even some first year and second year students in college are undecided. Some students find their calling while in college. Remember that in order to find out what you’re interests are; get involve both in and out of school. Whether it’s taking part in your school yearbook, feed the homeless initiative or getting involved in your school science fair, you have to become more active. You’ve made a great decision by choosing to attend college and remember the College Access Challenge Grant Program is here to help!

As you browse through our website be sure to take a look at our Success Stories page with testimonials from Virgin Islanders just like you!


College Access Challenge Grant Program is here to help you! Our purpose is to provide students and their parents with the resources and assistance needed to get into college. We are located at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus Room 809 A. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. We provide services on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. With regular visits to St. Thomas you can schedule an in person appointment or call to inquire about our outreach workshops at local schools, PTA meetings, special interest groups , churches, and local organizations..

Along with CACGP you can also seek out help with your college preparation from the following:

Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors can assist students with information on the admissions and financial aid process for college. Your school counselor can help you to prepare and make sure that you are taking the necessary courses needed to get into college.

Each student should schedule at least 2 appointments, with their high school counselor each semester. Your first appointment should be to introduce yourself and begin your planning and the second meeting will be as a follow-up meeting usually during the end of the first semester to make sure that you have followed through on your plans and on the right track. This will also be a great opportunity to sit with your counselor to begin advisement on preparatory classes needed for your career choice.

Financial Aid Counselor

The Financial Aid Counselor provides students with information on financing their education. Students are given information on grants, scholarships and loans. Furthermore, Financial Aid Counselors assist with completing your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and understanding the terms, deadlines for your school of choice.

Academic Advisor

After being accepted into the college of your choice, and you‘ve decided to attend, you will then be assigned an academic advisor. Your academic advisor will help you throughout college to make sure that you are taking the right classes and keeping on track. Academic advisors are as important as your guidance counselors. So, regular appointments are highly recommended for college advancement.

Someone who has attended college will also be a great help pertaining to getting into college and the financing your education.